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Empowering Louisiana's future by advocating for innovative, choice-driven education systems that cater to the unique needs of every student.

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To bring jobs and opportunity back to Louisiana, the state needs to ensure a friendly, fair, and legally consistent legal and regulatory environment.

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Championing fair and simplified tax policies to fuel economic growth, attract businesses, and enhance the prosperity of all Louisianans.

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"In America, we have made poverty survivable – not escapable."

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Driving Louisiana forward through policy support for cutting-edge technology and innovation, ensuring a dynamic, competitive environment for entrepreneurs and businesses.

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Our Work


It’s time to write Louisiana’s comeback story.

Are you tired of seeing your family and friends pack their bags to chase opportunity elsewhere? Louisiana deserves better. We need your help to turn the tide and shape a legacy of opportunity in our state.

We’re advocating for innovative policies that will spark a jobs revolution and reclaim Louisiana’s rightful place as a land of opportunity. Our agenda focuses on six priority policy areas, outlining specific problems and offering specific solutions: 

  • Modernize Tax Policy & Budget Responsibility
  • Give Every Kid A School That Fits
  • Enhance Public Safety
  • Create Jobs and Opportunity for All
  • Embrace Technology and Spur Innovation
  • Reduce Regulatory Barriers


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Stand with us at the forefront of change. Your involvement drives our mission forward, shaping a Louisiana where freedom and opportunity flourish. Join us on our journey toward a more prosperous future for all.

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We Believe Every Louisianan Should Have The Opportunity To Flourish.

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