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HB 547

Simplify the tax code

The complexity of Louisiana’s tax code drives jobs and opportunity to other states. Pelican’s revenue-neutral plan would restructure both corporate and individual income taxes to create a tax code that is dramatically simpler, is less tied to the federal government, and fosters quality job creation and economic growth.
HB 273

Rein in state spending

Louisiana’s spending has grown while our population has decreased, and economic growth indicators have remained flat, at best. A meaningful expenditure limit will ensure government lives within its means by constraining growth in spending to measures of population, personal income, economic activity, and inflation growth.
HB 587

Establish drone highways

Drones have the potential to make our lives better while growing Louisiana’s economy. However, Louisiana laws need to be updated to unleash their potential. Two opportunities for reform in 2021:– pass easement laws to allow drones to fly while respecting private property rights, and allow for “drone highways” on which the state and local government...
SB 231

Make Louisiana an innovation hub

Louisiana should be the most innovation-friendly state in the country. One way to attract new innovation jobs is through regulatory sandboxes, which allow entrepreneurs with innovative business models to meet health and safety requirements while avoiding burdensome red tape not designed for their type of business. Financial technology enterprises and insurance companies are two industries...