Healthcare Solutions Week Highlights Need for Alternatives to Affordable Care Act

By Ellen Carmichael
The Pelican Institute recently participated in Healthcare Solutions Week, an opportunity for people of all political persuasions (and none at all) to discuss how to properly address the United States’ ongoing healthcare issues. This is an issue we feel most keenly here in Louisiana—with our ranking in most healthcare categories near the worst in the...

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Why a National Teachers Union Wants to Turn Back the Clock in Jefferson Parish

By Ben Kilpatrick
Jefferson is overcoming these challenges because strong leaders have implemented sensible policies and put results ahead of pleasing special interests. As other districts look to Jefferson and realize that unions are hindering reform, the tide will turn against organizations like the American Federation of Teachers.

TAGS: collective bargaining agreements, Education Reform, James Meza, Jefferson Parish

Guest Commentary: Let the Sunshine In!

By Robert Ross
Now is the time for real openness and transparency when private lawyers are hired by the Attorney General to work for Louisiana taxpayers. This practice should not be done behind closed doors, as it is now.

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