Pelican Institute Statement on Governor’s “Fiscal Cliff” Proposal Outline

The Pelican Institute applauds Governor John Bel Edwards for releasing a broad outline of his proposal to close an anticipated $1 billion budget gap as we approach 2018. That said, as it stands, the plan lacks sufficient detail to accomplish any meaningful analysis of its impact on Louisiana’s economy, and we call on the Governor...

Occupational Licensing In Louisiana: Anti-Job, Anti-Growth

By Ellen Carmichael
Onerous Licensing Laws in Louisiana Licensing laws in Louisiana have always been onerous. We are, after all, the only state in the union that licenses florists. That bears repeating: we are the only state in the U.S. that has the dubious distinction of demanding that florists be a licensed profession. Why is this? Well, often...

The Truth About Unemployment in Louisiana

What Do Those Unemployment Numbers Really Mean? Every leader in Louisiana is rooting for this economy. Everyone wants to see more jobs come into the state and fewer of our fellow citizens unemployed. But, we have to start by telling the truth about our current situation. Governor John Bel Edwards recently made news touting dropping...

New Orleans To Refund $28 Million in Red Light Camera Revenue

By Margaret Viator
For years, The Pelican Institute has been warning citizens in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Lafayette, and elsewhere about red light traffic cameras and how they may not be what they seem. They may not be as safe as previously thought, they may not be constitutional, they were ripe for corruption, but the one thing every...

In Defense of Louisiana’s Criminal Justice Reforms

Pelican Institute's CEO, Daniel Erspamer, writes in The Hayride, about Louisiana's criminal justice reforms and why they were a strong step in the right direction. He starts by identifying possible cost savings, but also identifies the broad coalition that was involved in the efforts to begin with.

What Does Criminal Justice Reform Mean For Louisiana?

Louisiana passed and enacted a Justice Reinvestment Package, what was modeled on successful reforms in other states that have demonstrably improved public safety, reduced crime and recidivism, and also saved taxpayer money at the same time. Recently, these reforms have been in the news across the state, so we wanted to provide some clarification regarding what the...

Daniel Erspamer: Bold New Approaches Needed For Louisiana

By Margaret Viator
The Pelican Institute’s CEO, Daniel Erspamer, recently had an OpEd published by The Advocate, both in the Baton Rouge edition and the New Orleans edition. Daniel lays out a bold new approach to create jobs and opportunity in Louisiana by reforming state spending and taxes, making it easier to do business in Louisiana, opening up government...

Louisiana Ranked Worst for State Lawsuit Climate

By Ellen Carmichael
A recent survey from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has identified Louisiana as the worst state in the nation for lawsuit climate. What that means is that businesses are being scared away from Louisiana by the threat of lawsuits.

Louisiana Breweries Are Being Harmed By Regulations

By Ellen Carmichael
The Brewers Association, a beer industry non-profit, has ranked Louisiana 48th out of the 50 states for breweries per capita in a recent report. This is not for lack of love for beer, but because Louisiana's regulatory and tax environment for breweries is unfavorable. We've set the wrong incentives, that is all, and it is easy enough to fix

LABI Published Louisiana Legislature Scorecard 2017

By Ellen Carmichael
The Louisiana Association of Business and Industry, better known as LABI, recently published the Louisiana Legislature Scorecard 2017. This is always a good way to figure out how your legislators have been voting on key issues of importance to the economy. Whether it's for criminal justice, taxes, or budgetary issues, the LABI Scorecard tracks it all.