Solutions To Local Government Problems In Louisiana Spotlighted In New Pelican Institute Paper

By Editor
It shouldn’t surprise you to hear that Louisiana’s so-called “revenue problem” isn’t really a problem at all. Indeed, Louisiana’s real “problem” lies in our state government’s overspending, and that issue is exacerbated by its convoluted local government system. So, how do we solve the core problems with Louisiana’s local government system and ensure it encourages...

Not Another Fiscal Cliff…

By Trent Hill
“Louisiana is facing a massive fiscal cliff, and we need solutions.” This sentence should sound familiar to all Louisianans. Year after year, our state faces yet fiscal crisis after fiscal crisis, leaving lawmakers and their constituents calling for permanent solutions to Louisiana’s budget woes. Today, the Pelican Institute answers that call with the release of...

A Jobs And Opportunity Agenda For Louisiana

This week, the Pelican Institute releases its “Jobs and Opportunity Agenda for Louisiana,” a road map for reclaiming Louisiana as a land of opportunity for all its citizens. This agenda is the result of months of data-crunching, research, analysis and consultation with experts from Louisiana and across the country. In crafting these solutions, our team sought to answer a...

The Little Frog That Might

The Little Frog That Might Once upon a time there lived a small frog in Louisiana that adorably covers its eyes when exposed to bright light or other threats (kind of like a Gremlin). This little frog, whose mating call has been likened to human snoring, is at the center of a big fuss ever since...

Report Confirms Budget Reform Desperately Needed in Louisiana

By Trent Hill
By Chris Jacobs The recent news that Louisiana ran a budget surplus of at least $300 million during the fiscal year that concluded in July should not come as a surprise. For all of the talk about the state’s “fiscal crisis” by some politicians, that term does not apply. Louisiana does not have—and did not...

Sen. Kennedy Gets It Wrong On Louisiana Criminal Justice Reform

By Trent Hill
James Lapeyre, leader of Smart on Crime Louisiana, and Daniel Erspamer, CEO of Pelican Institute, had to go on the record in an OpEd to The Advocate concerning U.S. Senator John Kennedy’s mischaracterizations of the criminal justice reforms in Louisiana. Here are just a few of the claims that he made vs. the facts: Claim:...

Supreme Court’s Union Ruling Affirms Importance of Workplace Freedom

By Trent Hill
The Supreme Court Wednesday in a landmark decision freed millions of public sector workers from the requirement of paying dues to a union as a condition of employment. Pelican Institute CEO Daniel Erspamer was interviewed by The Louisiana Record concerning the Janus v. AFSCME decision from the Supreme Court, with an article following highlighting how public sector...

Pelican Institute Urges State Lawmakers To Forge New Economic Future in Third Special Session

By Trent Hill
NEW ORLEANS, La. (June 18, 2018) —  The following is a statement from Daniel Erspamer, chief executive officer of the Pelican Institute for Public Policy (Pelican Institute), regarding the upcoming third 2018 Louisiana special legislative session and tax proposals currently under consideration: “As Louisiana heads into its third special legislative session of the year, our state’s lawmakers...