(BIG) Solutions (mini) Summit(s) Day Three: Education Recap

(BIG) Solutions (mini) Summit(s) Day Three: Education Recap

Every child should have the opportunity to go to a school that is best for them. During the Pelican Institute’s recent “(BIG) Solutions (mini) Summit(s),” our expert keynote speakers and panelists offered several proven solutions to help Louisiana create an education system that lets every child thrive in a school of their choice. If you missed the Summit(s), take a look at the videos below to learn how we can achieve an education system that benefits every child in Louisiana.

Pelican Institute CEO Daniel Erspamer:

Director for Education Policy Studies at the American Enterprise Institute Rick Hess:

Education Innovation panel with Executive Director of the Hebert Henderson Office of Minority Affairs, Jill Upson; Pennsylvania Representative Andrew Lewis, and Georgia Representative Wes Cantrell:

State Representative Mark Wright:

State Representative Rick Edmonds:


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