Keep Government Red Tape Out of Our Health Care System

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Keep Government Red Tape Out of Our Health Care System

I strongly urge you to oppose any legislation that will make pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) less effective at reducing prescription drug costs and add more government red tape into the heath system. This type of legislation will force Louisiana residents to foot the bill for unnecessary government intrusion into our health care system while achieving no decrease in costs for patients or employers who provide health care to their employees.

Lawmakers should focus on solutions that encourage competition and maximize the positive impact of market forces and market-based tools used by PBMS to drive down costs for small businesses, consumers and taxpayers.

Bills that would regulate and force the government into our health care system undermine the innovative ways job-creators provide lower-cost prescription drug options to their employees, and if passed would increase costs for everyone. In addition, these types of bills would increase the potential for prescription drug fraud, putting Louisianans’ health and safety at risk and again increasing costs.

We all agree prescription drug costs are too high, but legislation that undermines PBMs is not the solution.

I urge you to keep the free market in our health system.