Override fiscal transparency veto.

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Override fiscal transparency veto.


A few years ago, the Louisiana Checkbook was signed into law. This software brings transparency to the spending of state government, but does not extend to school boards. Louisiana spends roughly $13,000 per year on each student, more than most of our neighboring states. Additionally, Louisiana schools will receive $3.9 billion from the MFP and more than $1 billion in federal funds this year and $2 billion in the next fiscal year.

While Governor Edwards erroneously calls this bill “unaffordable”, Louisiana schools will spend a record $6.5 billion in FY 2022.

In his veto message, Governor Edwards called this bill “unnecessary”. I completely disagree that government transparency is unnecessary. In fact, transparency is a very low bar for government to reach. I urge you to override Governor Edwards’ veto of HB 38.