Louisiana’s Comeback Agenda starts with ensuring that every family has the opportunity to choose the school that best fits their child’s individual needs.

Kids have unique strengths, interests, and learning needs; what works for one may not work for another. Parents also have differing priorities and values when it comes to their child’s education, including programs that specialize in visual and performing arts, STEM, foreign languages, and liberal arts. Sometimes kids want to attend schools that offer certain sports or extracurricular activities. Some need the flexibility of an online or hybrid program. Others want a school that embeds elements of their faith into the educational program.

Several states have recently taken bold steps to expand school choice for all. New laws and programs help parents gain access to public schools outside of their assigned school zone, pay for private school tuition, and fund a customized, home-based education. Louisiana is poised to do the same through the passage of legislation that allows state dollars to follow the child to the school chosen by his or her family. This puts families in the driver’s seat, setting their child up for a lifetime of success and also strengthening Louisiana’s future.

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