Pelican Institute CEO took to the Hayride to tout the benefits of education reform and parental choice for all Louisiana families:

Bringing jobs and opportunity back to the state requires not just tax and economic reforms but also a citizenry educated and ready to work. No doubt, our people are perhaps our greatest asset. But our education system all too often fails us. We can do better.

This means giving parents access to the best K-12 education options for their child. It requires a re-imagining of the way we educate kids. That doesn’t just mean private school choice or charter school programs, though those solutions absolutely must be in the mix. Officials must be open to solutions that provide options and increased access to the best options for each kid, whether you live in New Orleans or Ruston or Lake Charles.

We should swing wide open the doors to innovative thinking. We should consider proven solutions like Education Savings Accounts that give families control of how dollars are spent on their kids’ education. We should let public schools specialize and make it easy for kids and parents to choose the options that best suit them. We should encourage solutions that offer real transparency and accountability for student performance. And, we should remember that not every child learns in the same way or has the same needs, and we shouldn’t try to force them to do so.

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