Faces of The Shutdown

Faces of The Shutdown

We’ve traveled across the state, collecting stories of Louisianans impacted by the economic shutdown. From corporate executives to service industry staff, everyone has a story about how this shutdown has affected them. With hundreds of thousands out of work and suffering, these stories show the struggles that countless of our friends and neighbors are facing every day.

We are proud to present this series, which we call “Faces of the Shutdown.” 

Devin De Wulf, Krewe of Red Beans

Joe Ashlar, New Orleans Musician

Jaymie and Sam Wright, Leesville Bar Owners

David Cohen and Chris Hayes, Louisiana’s Tattoo Industry

Jose Villeda, JLV Construction (New Orleans)

Jarett and Kallie Landry, The Gym of New Iberia

Karlos Knott, Bayou Teche Brewing