Meet Brandon Trosclair. Brandon is a proud Louisianan and business owner who is standing up against the Biden administration and their illegal vaccine mandate on businesses.  Husband, father, and grocer, Brandon wears many hats in his community.

Brandon is a second-generation grocer that employs nearly 500 people with 15 grocery stores across Louisiana and Mississippi. His stores are cornerstones of our communities. They employ our neighbors and provide an important service to each one of us. But now, they’re being threatened by an illegal overreach by the Biden administration.

Beyond being a grocer, Brandon’s passion is helping people. He first started working in his father’s grocery store at 15 and fell in love with serving others. Every day he tells his employees that they are in the customer service business that happens to sell groceries.

Brandon’s focus on assisting others goes beyond his work as a local grocer. He is actively involved in a number of charities, but his favorite is Feed the Needy. Through Feed the Needy, they raise over $30,000 a year for families during Christmas in his home parish Ascension. His charity work also encompasses many charities with the purpose of helping children across Louisiana.

Brandon is married to Katie Trosclair, a graphic designer and horse lover. Together they have two kids, Brianna, 13, and Peyton, 11, and have been members of the Family Worship Center since 1984.

Brandon graduated from St. Amant High School and attended Louisiana State University where he studied Business Administration. He is a member of the National Grocers Association and Louisiana Retailers Association. Also, he is a graduate of the Pelican Leadership Academy.

When the news of the Biden vaccine mandate came out, Brandon was immediately concerned for the rights of his employees. He said, “Over the past 20 months, my employees have showed up to work and served their communities in the face of COVID and hurricanes. Now I’m being told by the government to insert myself into their private health decisions? That’s wrong and I won’t stand for it. It is not the government’s place to tell me how to operate my stores or to force me to interfere in the private medical decisions of my employees.”

The OSHA vaccine mandate would place businesses across the country in a difficult position: enforce the mandate or fire your employees. Brandon saw this as simply wrong and felt it was his duty to challenge this unjust mandate to help people across the country keep their doors open and Americans employed in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

It’s safe to say Brandon is no stranger to fighting since him and his wife both practice hapkido and spend their date nights in the dojo. He is standing up and ready to fight the Biden administration on behalf of his community and others all across America.