NEW ORLEANS – In a landmark victory for American democracy and the separation of powers, the Supreme Court today struck down the Biden Administration’s unconstitutional Public Debt Cancellation program—delivering a victory for Pelican Institute Center for Justice client Tommy Badeaux, a Louisiana lawyer who sued the Administration for its vast overreach of power.

The Court’s decision in Biden v. Nebraska upholds the foundational principle of American democracy: the power to legislate and appropriate rests with Congress, a body directly accountable to the American people. This decision confirms that unelected bureaucrats cannot undermine our democratic process by crafting sweeping policy changes in secrecy, bypassing both Congress and the American public. Badeaux sued in a separate case, which the Court stayed pending resolution of Nebraska, which addressed similar issues.

This legal victory is a triumph for every American, particularly for individuals like Tommy Badeaux, who was effectively sidelined in the creation of a policy that directly impacts his life and livelihood. Badeaux, a hard-working lawyer from South Louisiana, still carries student loan debt and was excluded from the Public Debt Cancellation program without consultation or due consideration.

“We stood up and filed suit to protect Tommy Badeaux and other citizens whose voices were ignored in this misguided policy process,” said James Baehr, Special Counsel to the Pelican Institute. “The victory today is his and all of those who believe in democratic accountability and separation of powers that our Founders enshrined.”

Sarah Harbison, General Counsel at the Pelican Institute, added, “Last year, the Pelican Institute Center for Justice successfully challenged the Biden Administration’s overreach into private businesses by filing a lawsuit over the OSHA vaccine mandate. We are holding this administration accountable once again.”

“Today’s Supreme Court decision striking down the Biden Administration’s unconstitutional student loan scheme confirms that it matters how laws are made—and who makes them,” said Daniel Erspamer, CEO of the Pelican Institute. “Decisions about spending billions of taxpayer dollars belong with Congress, not to the Executive Branch. The Pelican Center for Justice applauds the Court for its decision on behalf of our client, Tommy Badeaux, and all grateful Americans who appreciate balanced government and due process.”

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