Is your electricity bill becoming a burden? Look no further than the Louisiana Public Service Commission (LPSC). Currently, LPSC is undertaking a comprehensive, multi-phase study to explore ways to make electricity more affordable and reliable for struggling families and businesses in Louisiana.

So, what exactly is the LPSC?

The LPSC is a constitutionally established regulatory agency committed to serving the public interest. Its primary goal is to ensure that public utilities and common carriers provide safe, reliable, and reasonably priced services to the public. As outlined by Article IV, Section 21 of the Louisiana Constitution of 1974, the LPSC comprises five elected Commissioners. These Commissioners have overlapping six-year terms and are supported by central and district office staff.

The LPSC regulates various sectors, including electric, water, wastewater, natural gas, and specific telecommunications services. Common carriers, which transport goods or services for a fee, are also subject to LPSC’s regulation. LPSC oversees standard carrier intrastate pipelines, as well as specific intrastate motor carrier services such as passenger carriers, waste haulers, household goods movers, and non-consensual towing and recovery services.

While striking a regulatory balance to ensure utilities’ and carriers’ profitability, LPSC’s primary focus is on safeguarding customers. They aim to provide economically sound rates while ensuring safe, adequate, and reliable services.

Backed by a dedicated team of administrative law judges, attorneys, auditors, and utility specialists, the LPSC ensures the smooth functioning of the agency. An executive secretary oversees the day-to-day operations under the commissioners’ guidance.

To fund its operations, LPSC relies on a budget of $10.6 million for fiscal year 2024. These funds are generated solely from fees collected by the regulated utility and carrier companies.

The LPSC’s overarching vision is to be regarded as a leader, known for their responsiveness and commitment to consumer protection. Their goal is to promote economic development in Louisiana by prioritizing education, technology, partnerships, and continual improvement. Moreover, LPSC lays out a comprehensive set of goals to promote transparency, fairness, innovation, and economic growth. These goals include:

  • Establishing fair and efficient regulations
  • Fostering competitive pricing structures through partnerships with jurisdictional utilities, private sectors, and consumer organizations
  • Providing thorough training to personnel
  • Encouraging responsible investment in utility infrastructure
  • Enhancing accessibility to information and records
  • Educating consumers
  • Ensuring vigilant oversight to safeguard consumers and the public interest

Louisiana residents must understand the critical functions and significance of the LPSC as it embarks on initiatives to make the electricity market more competitive, affordable, and reliable. Doing so is essential to help support the Comeback Agenda’s  goal of thriving families and businesses in Louisiana. Let’s embrace the transformative potential of the LPSC in powering Louisiana’s future.