On Thursday, Governor John Bel Edwards signed House Speaker Clay Schexnayder’s HB 57, which will help to lessen lawsuit abuse and lift the burden it places on Louisianans. With citizens across the state demanding solutions to lessen the harm caused by lawsuit abuse, this legislation earned widespread support in both the House and the Senate before proceeding to the governor’s desk for his final signature.

The following is a statement from Daniel Erspamer, chief executive officer of the Pelican Institute, regarding Governor Edwards’ signing of HB 57 into law.

“For too long, Louisianans have felt the pain of lawsuit abuse, both on their personal finances and through the departure of jobs and opportunity from our state. HB 57 is an important first step forward, and we thank House Speaker Clay Schexnayder for showing true leadership and rejecting the entrenched special interests that have dominated the process for far too long.

It’s past time to get Louisiana working, and we are excited to see this legislation help to make our state a place that creates and encourages, rather than chases away, jobs and opportunity for all its citizens. We are happy that Governor Edwards join the supermajorities in both chambers of the legislature, as well as Louisiana’s taxpayers and working families, by signing this vital legislation into law.”