Pelican President, Kevin Kane, advocates approaches adopted successfully by other states

NEW ORLEANS, La. –  With ranging prison reform pending in Louisiana, Garland Robinette of New Orleans WWL Radio invited Kevin Kane on to explain the legislation. Click below to listen – 33 minutes.


As the world’s leading incarcerator, Kane believes the state is in dire need of reform, and he says there are many already-proven approaches available. The proposed reforms he referred to come out of the Louisiana Sentencing Commission, which had a wide variety in local and national participants, including the PewCenterontheStates and the VeraInstituteofJustice.

With this interview and other public appearances, the Pelican Institute has signalled its support for the Right on Crime initiative. Right on Crime seeks to bring “law-and-order” conservatives on board with reforms with the potential to reduce crime, incarceration, and save money.