We Need To Reinstate Louisianans’ Right to Earn a Living

Louisiana law and administrative codes are chock-full of burdensome regulations that keep countless Louisianans from realizing their full potential. Some of the most offensive examples of these regulations are expansive and burdensome occupational licensure requirements to pursue their dreams. Occupational licensure is a fancy way of saying government permission slip to work. All states require some form of occupational licenses, but few are as aggressive as Louisiana.

Louisianans work hard, but the government stands in the way of many people from finding work. The Pelican State requires a license to work in 77 out of 102 low-income professions, the most of any state in the country. Likewise, we lead our region with the highest percentage of professionals who need an occupational license.

We must act to protect Louisianans right to earn a living. People should not have to pay hundreds of dollars and spend countless hours just to be able to get government permission to provide for their family. It’s time for Louisiana law to promote work, not put-up barriers to opportunity for the people that need it most.