The national economy is thriving with unemployment numbers reaching all-time lows. Lower taxes and less regulation unleashed the American workforce to create jobs and opportunity across the nation.

Yet there remains an exception to America’s economic success…Louisiana.

Louisiana continues to have a complex and broken tax code along with reams of red tape which destroying jobs and opportunity across the state.  Making matters worse, the government in sponsoring lawsuits against job creators robbing people of the chance to provide for themselves and their family.

Last year, the Pelican Institute for Public Policy highlighted negative outcomes caused from these poor policy choices in the  “Louisiana’s Not Working” report. While the American economy has improved, Louisiana remains stagnant.

Hardworking Louisiana citizens are losing jobs, people are fleeing the state, and economic growth continues to lag behind the rest of the nation. If the status quo doesn’t change, the Pelican State seems destined to continue its poor economic performance.

Here are just a few highlights of how the Louisiana economy is failing to provide jobs and opportunity for its residents:

  • From July 2018 to July 2019, Louisiana lost 1,000 jobs – the only state to lose jobs over that time period.
  • In 2018, Louisiana’s economic growth ranked 41st in the nation.
  • Almost 28,000 people moved out of Louisiana – the 4th largest population loss in the country.

You can view the entire report here.