Everyone in Louisiana knows a friend or family member that has left the state to find work. A report by United Van Lines confirmed that Louisiana had the eighth-highest percentage of people leaving the state with over half of them moving to find work.

In the United Van Lines study, Louisiana was the only southern state to rank in the top ten for outmigration. Louisiana’s troubled economy and lack of solutions for job creation for families have led to years of people choosing to find jobs elsewhere.

Until Louisiana prioritizes structural reforms to areas like occupational licensure, tax policy, and education, jobs and opportunities will continue to leave the state taking Louisianans with them.

Baton Rouge Business Report’s Deanna Narveson has more:

“The company’s 2021 study is based on household moves handled by United within the 48 contiguous states and Washington, D.C., and ranks states based on inbound and outbound percentages of total moves in each state.”

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