It’s election season in Louisiana, which means your television, mailbox, and social media feeds are full of candidate advertisements. You’ve likely had a candidate or two knock on your door to ask for your support and vote.

But do you find yourself at a loss of what to ask candidates when they show up at your door? How can you be sure that they not only support the positive outcomes we all desire, such as good schools and a strong economy, but also the policies to help get Louisiana there?

The Pelican Institute has identified the policy changes needed to get Louisiana on the right track with its Jobs and Opportunity Agenda for Louisiana.

This agenda includes creating a fair tax system that supports job creation, ensuring every student has a school that fits their needs, and ending state sponsored lawsuits against job creators. If these, and the other policies from this agenda are implemented, there will certainly be a better future for Louisiana and the hard-working citizens of this great state.

So how can you build support for this agenda? The next time you speak to a candidate for office ask them if they support this agenda using these seven questions.

It is our duty to hold those asking for our vote accountable for the well-being of our hard-working citizens that make up Louisiana’s economy. All you have to do is take the time to ask them about their position on specific policy solutions.

Click here for seven questions to ensure your candidate supports bringing jobs and opportunity to Louisiana.