Popular WWL Radio host Newell Normand recently interviewed the Tax Foundation’s Janelle Cammenga and GNO Inc’s Michael Hecht about the Constitutional Amendment’s on November’s ballot. In particular, they discussed constitutional amendment two, which would reduce income tax rates, disentangle Louisiana’s tax code from the federal government, make the state more competitive with our neighbors, and grow jobs for Louisiana families.

“Louisiana has been looking toward tax reform for a really long time, and it’s wonderful to see that the state really does want to accomplish this. It was wonderful to watch how the legislature worked together,” said Cammenga. The Tax Foundation is the nation’s leading independent tax policy nonprofit.

“Constitutional amendment 2 is one small step in terms of tax reform, but it’s one giant leap toward us becoming more competitive nationally,” added Hecht. “It’s bipartisan, it’s good for business, it’s good for working people. It’s getting rid of a regressive deduction. There’s nobody who’s really against this. We just have to get people out to vote.” GNO, Inc., is the regional economic development nonprofit organization serving a 10-parish region in Southeast Louisiana.

Listen to the entire interview on WWL’s website, and find out more about Constitutional Amendment 2 and all four amendments on the ballot by checking out Pelican Action’s sample ballot.