Today, the Pelican Institute for Public Policy released “Louisiana’s Comeback Agenda,” a bold vision for policy change in Louisiana and a statewide campaign to support the effort. The agenda is intended to serve as a guide for lawmakers, candidates, and community leaders to spark discussion and debate toward proven policies to bring jobs and opportunity to Louisiana.

“Poor public policy decisions have caused Louisiana families to suffer for too long, and yet our southern neighbors like Texas, Florida, Tennessee, and North Carolina are thriving,” said Daniel Erspamer, CEO of the Pelican Institute. “Given our unmatched natural resources and cultural assets, Louisiana should be an economic powerhouse, and with the right policy decisions moving forward, it can be.” 

Louisiana’s Comeback Agenda focuses on six priority policy areas, outlining specific problems and offering specific solutions: 

  • Modernize Tax Policy & Budget Responsibility
  • Give Every Kid A School That Fits
  • Enhance Public Safety
  • Create Jobs and Opportunity for All
  • Embrace Technology and Spur Innovation
  • Reduce Regulatory Barriers

The plan was released just before the gubernatorial forum at the Pelican Institute’s annual Solutions Summit, where candidates were asked questions that dealt with the policy issues outlined in the plan. 

“We’ve spent months focused on finding real solutions to correct Louisiana’s poor decisions of the past and create increased opportunity for Louisiana’s people going forward,” said Erin Bendily, Vice President for Policy and Strategy at the Pelican Institute. “We’ve reviewed research, examined what other states are doing, and identified where our state can be more competitive. This agenda is the result of that work. We hope that this will help shape the policy discussions in Louisiana in the upcoming legislative session and as voters make important decisions about our state’s leadership and future this fall.” 

The agenda is the policy centerpiece of a major campaign that aims to bring transformational policy change to the Pelican State. The policy recommendations will be supported by a statewide speaking tour, an ambitious advertising campaign, grassroots activation and education, and legislative engagement and advocacy. 

“Ultimately, we want Louisiana to flourish, and the policy solutions in the Comeback Agenda are how we will get there,” said Erspamer. “The courage to make these crucial changes will require leadership, bold action, and a groundswell of support from every corner of Louisiana. Working together, we can write the next chapter of Louisiana’s story.”

You can read the full paper here.