BATON ROUGE— The Pelican Institute for Public Policy CEO, Daniel Erspamer released the following statement after the streamlined sales tax collection bill passed out of the House.

“The Louisiana House took a great step forward today by passing legislation to streamline the collection of sales tax. We commend Speaker Schexnayder on leading this effort and call upon the people of Louisiana to pass this critical constitutional amendment at the ballot box.

Louisiana has struggled for years to attract entrepreneurs and create jobs for Louisianans. Streamlining our sales tax collection is just one part of writing the Pelican state’s comeback story. In order to truly open Louisiana for job growth, the legislature must pass tax reform that makes our tax code flat, fair, and simple to accompany the streamlining of our sales tax collection.

By modernizing our tax climate through tax reform and streamlined sales tax collection, we will encourage investment in our state that will lead to job growth for Louisiana families.”