Despite spending the most per student, Louisiana consistently ranks at the bottom of the country in educating our kids. If we are ever going to fix our education system, parents and communities need transparent information to get an accurate snapshot of how schools are preparing our kids for their futures.

With this in mind, the below dashboard was developed as a tool to be able to get quick insights and comparable data to see how efficiently (or inefficiently in some cases) Louisiana school districts are using resources to educate children. Being transparent about where we can improve is the first step in forming a better future for all the children of Louisiana.

Want to know how many enrollment options are available in your school district? Want a look at how your district’s testing scores stack up against others? Do you know how much revenue we get for our students compared to our Southeast neighbors? (Spoiler alert: it’s the most) We’ve got you covered for all this and much more.

Choose your school system from the drop down box and see how it is performing. You can also print out individual pages by pressing the buttons at the top right of the dashboard.



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