Louisiana’s current legal and regulatory environment stifles opportunities for job seekers and working families as more and more businesses move out of state in search of places with fairer, more predictable policies.

While Republican and Democratic lawmakers have avoided major reforms over the last two decades, the state’s business and legal climate has continued to erode. Now, Louisiana faces a perfect storm of extremely high litigation costs, skyrocketing auto insurance rates, and no real prospect of relief in sight to bring much-needed balance to the state’s currently lopsided legal system.

Louisiana desperately needs policies that incentivize economic growth. Common sense legal and regulatory reforms will not only help to rebalance the scales of justice and bring jobs and opportunity back to Louisiana, they also offer a win-win for policymakers and businesses alike. Lower legal and regulatory compliance costs can provide an immediate economic stimulus without losses in tax receipts or an increase in government spending.

Implementing these reforms will not be easy, but many benefits await citizens, entrepreneurs and business in the Pelican State, if our state leaders have the courage to act.

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