SCOTUS Rightly Concerned Over Executive Overreach In Student Loan Cases

SCOTUS Rightly Concerned Over Executive Overreach In Student Loan Cases

Sarah Harbison, General Counsel at the Pelican Institute Center for Justice, released the following statement after the Supreme Court held oral arguments in Biden v. Nebraska and Department of Education v. Brown regarding the Biden Administration’s student loan debt cancellation program:

“The Justices were rightly concerned that forgiving half a trillion dollars in student loan debt, which borrowers agreed to repay, is a matter of vast economic and political significance. Major questions like these should be debated in the open and addressed by Congress after considering input from the people the policy will impact. We filed a similar lawsuit on behalf of Tommy Badeaux because this administration continues to use executive orders to bypass both the legislative and administrative processes. There is no statute that authorizes the mass cancellation of student loan debt with ‘a pen and a phone.’”

Badeaux v. Biden is one of several lawsuits the Pelican Institute Center for Justice has filed against the Biden Administration for abuse of executive power. The first two, BST Holdings v. OSHA and Brick v. Biden, resulted in courts striking down the vaccine or test mandate for businesses and Head Start teachers. The Center for Justice also filed lawsuits for military members who faced separation and other professional consequences for refusing the COVID-19 vaccine on religious grounds.

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