“My motto is changing lives one client at a time.”

“I’ve been a social worker for over 20 years. I’ve worked a lot, I’ve done a lot, now it’s my time to give back – now it’s my time to help these children of our future know that there’s someone that’s listening.”

“A lot of the parents I came in contact with who have kids who have behavioral problems who were on disability, they don’t have an outlet – nobody really wants to watch their children because of the behaviors. I’m skilled, I’m trained, because I work with kids with behavior problems, I know how to provide respite services.”

“I have a lot of parents who want the service, but respite, you can take the child out of the home. How many parents trust somebody to pick up their child and bring them somewhere else and you hope that nothing happens to them? Most of the parents I work with say I trust you. I trust that whoever you hire at your agency will have the same compassion that you have at providing the quality of care.”

“I want to have these kids involved in groups, I want to have these kids able to learn – to self-express, to talk about how they’re feeling, not always using fighting, or talking back, or just causing any form of little havoc. Teaching them a skill, and I know I can do that.”

“Unfortunately, I am unable to provide services because of the state of Louisiana.”

“The biggest hurdle in overcoming trying to get licensed with the State of Louisiana for the Home and Community base license is the FNR – the Facility Needs Review. They give you no outline on what is needed, so you devise this theses of information as to why you should be allowed to open. So I acquired information for 30 days, then I compiled this letter, then I was turned down and I’m not able to say why I was turned down. I have no idea what I put that was incorrect that made them turn me down. To me, it’s a set-up. ”

“I feel that Louisiana should let as many agencies open as they want to. It’ll be up to me if I can sustain it or not. I don’t feel like the state should have the say-all in whether I can sustain my business or not.”


– Ursula Newell-Davis | Social Worker | New Orleans, LA