Education Savings Accounts would help Louisiana students during COVID-19

By Daniel J. Erspamer
Some of Louisiana’s greatest innovations have emerged in the wake of natural disasters. Now, as we work through reopening schools, we have a new opportunity to think outside the box and solve one of our most urgent issues: empowering parents with options to choose an education that best fits their children’s individual needs. Education Savings...

TAGS: a school that fits, Back to School, Education, Education Reform, Education Savings Accounts, School choice

Pelican Back to School Week Offers Solutions to Transform Louisiana Education

We all remember the first day of school, but this year is clearly different than any other we’ve experienced. While some students will carry a mask and hand sanitizer along with their other usual classroom materials, many are not even getting the option of returning to the classroom. Desks and textbooks are being replaced by...

TAGS: a school that fits, Back to School, Board of Elementary and Secondary Education, Education, Education Reform, School choice

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