Amendment 4 will Get Louisiana Working

By Daniel J. Erspamer
When facing difficult financial circumstances, Louisiana families take the steps they need to rein in their spending and plan responsibly for future expenses. This is not the case when it comes to how our state currently approaches budgeting. Fortunately, Louisianans Constitutional Amendment 4, is on the Nov. 3 ballot, is offering an opportunity for Louisianans...

TAGS: balanced budget, Budget, constitutional amendment, jobs and opportunity

Economic Shocks Should Signal Spending Restraint from Lawmakers

With tens of thousands of Louisianans now out of a job due to effects of the spread of COVID-19, household budgets are being reviewed and adjusted to ensure families stay afloat during this uncertain period. But while individuals and families across Louisiana are facing the largest and most immediate financial impacts of this crisis, the...

TAGS: balanced budget, Budget, Budget crisis, Government Spending, State Spending

New Study: Louisiana’s Fiscal Crisis Decades in the Making

By Fergus Hodgson
Report highlights how spending trends have fueled fiscal deficits Although the economic recession has contributed to Louisiana’s ominous deficit, a new report from the Mercatus Center at George Mason University stresses that state spending trends meant the problem was building for decades. Between 1987 and 2007, Louisiana’s government spending grew at almost three times the...

TAGS: balanced budget, budget gap, matthew mitchell, Mercatus Center, spending trends

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