Volker Rule Offers More, Not Necessarily Better, Regulation of Banks

By Jennifer Moreale
“If these folks want a fight, it’s a fight I’m ready to have,” said President Obama as he emphasized his campaign against Wall Street. Following up on the after-TARP tax, Obama is introducing the Volker Rule to impose tougher regulations on the financial sector. The Volcker rule will cap the size and scope of banks,...

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The After-TARP Tax

By Jennifer Moreale
“We want our money back,” said President Obama on Jan. 14. While most Americans would agree with that statement, they might not agree with the President’s approach to getting that money back. In fact, the Financial Crisis Responsibility Tax may ultimately have a negative impact on the taxpayers that put up the money in the...

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Maureen Dowd’s Misplaced Anger

By Robert Flanagan
In a recent New York Times column entitled Virtuous bankers? Really!?!, Maureen Dowd goes after Goldman Sachs and other Wall Street banks for the bonuses being paid to employees after “throwing the entire world into crisis.” Dowd ridicules Goldman CEO Lloyd Blankfein, who argues, “Banks are really serving the greater good” by helping companies to...

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