A Reality Check On ObamaCare

By Jennifer Moreale
Would you like to read an excessively optimistic view on health care reform? Sen. Mary Landrieu’s op-ed highlights what she believes to be the greatest ObamaCare achievements, praising the full coverage of Louisiana’s children, young adults, and seniors. Claiming that “congress has finally delivered meaningful health care coverage to all Americans,” Sen. Landrieu argues that...

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A New Record: $1.6 Trillion Deficit for the United States

By Jennifer Moreale
President Obama has announced his 2011 budget proposal. When FY 2010 ends on September 30 the deficit will total to $1.6 trillion, much higher than the Congressional Budget Office’s forecast. The Bush tax cuts will expire at the end of this year and if Obama extends their term, the federal deficit estimates will be even...

TAGS: Barack Obama, Brian Reidl, Chris Edwards, Congressional Budget Office, Federal Budget Deficit

An Uncertain Future for America’s Economic Growth

By Jennifer Moreale
As of January 22, the current public debt totals more than $12.3 trillion. The Congressional Budget Office reports that if current laws and government spending remain the same, the budget for FY 2010 is estimated at more than $1.3 trillion. During the Middle Class Task Force meeting, Vice President Biden and President Obama announced new...

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