Controversial Designer Drugs Face Ban in Louisiana

By Justin Spittler
Several states, including Louisiana, are stepping up the fight against the latest designer drugs - synthetic cannabinoids and bath salts - in the wake of high call volumes to poison control centers in recent years.

TAGS: American Association for Poison Control Centers, Bobby Jindal, Dan D'Amico, Dan Francis, Drug Enforcement Agency, Louisiana Poison Control, Mark Ryan, Retail Compliance Association, Ricky Templet, Synthetic Marijuana

Higher Education: The Next Asset Bubble?

By Robert Ross
Academics are raising concerns over parallels between events leading up to the housing crisis and the current state of the higher education system. Concerns are over the costs of a college education rising as a result of lax lending standards and artificially low interest rates for government subsidized loans.

TAGS: Arum and Roska, Center for College Affordability and Productivity, Dan D'Amico, Housing Crisis, Michael Poliakoff, Peter Thiel, Richard Vedder, Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act, Student Loans