Vitter Calls on White House to Account for “Scientific Misconduct” in Federal Agencies

By Kevin Mooney
U.S. Department of Interior officials manipulated and altered summary language attached to report to make it appear as though engineers endorsed the Gulf moratorium when in fact they had not, an Inspector General investigation has concluded.

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Multiplying Environmental Claims Face New Accountability Procedures

By Kevin Mooney
Controversial litigation practices built around environmental remediation claims would be limited under proposed legislation that a House committee voted to defer on Wednesday. Supporters say current law needs to be clarified to prevent "legacy lawsuits" from driving business out of state

TAGS: Chamber of Commerce, David Vitter, Legacy Lawsuits, Louisiana Oil and Gas Association, Louisiana Supreme Court, Rep. Page Cortez

Vitter Challenges Obama Administration on the Number of Oil Drilling Permits

By Kevin Mooney
Sen. David Vitter has called out top Obama Administration officials for misleading the public and members of Congress on the actual number of offshore oil drilling permits. A recent motion from the Department of Justice includes numbers that tell a much different story than what has been communicated in congressional testimony.

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Commentary: Sen. David Vitter Tackles FDA Over Regulation of Breast Cancer Drug

By Jamison Beuerman
The recent judicial decision affirming Virginia’s meritorious lawsuit against Obamacare has highlighted one of the profound flaws of the administration’s health care plan. But a recent news story regarding Louisiana Senator David Vitter has been relatively under-reported, which is a shame, because it also illustrates the hazards of an overreaching bureaucracy. Senator Vitter has been...

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Sen. Vitter’s Op-Ed on the “No-Cost Stimulus Act”

By Trent Hill
The $787 billion stimulus plan was rammed through both houses of Congress without giving members of Congress an opportunity to review and debate the 1,071 page bill. In an editorial for Human Events, our own Senator David Vitter and Utah’s Representative Rob Bishop set forth a reasonable plan for a “No-Cost Stimulus Act”, which they...

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