Missed Opportunities During Legislative Session Increases Importance of Fall 2019 Elections

With the 2019 regular legislative session coming to a close this week, the Pelican Institute wants to take some time to reflect on the victories achieved and opportunities missed by lawmakers. This was an abbreviated legislative session and that, combined with rapidly approaching fall elections, made chances for the possibility of enacting transformational policy reforms...

TAGS: Budget, Education Reform, Free Market, Louisiana, Louisiana Legislature, Medicaid, Taxes, Transparency

TSA’s Conflict Of Interest

By Jennifer Moreale
Reason Foundation’s director of transportation policy Robert Poole offers a compelling argument for reforming airline security. His argument focuses on the conflicts of interest faced by the Transportation Security Administration. Established after 9/11, the TSA is a federal agency having both the job of screening passengers and baggage at airports and the job of regulating...

TAGS: Free Market, Privatization, Reason Foundation, Robert Poole, Transportation Security Administration

Privatizing Federal Assets And Operations

By Jennifer Moreale
Most people agree that federal organizations such as the US Postal Service and Amtrak are far from being efficient. However, little has been done to improve their operations. On this matter, Chris Edwards of the Cato Institute makes a number of interesting points in Downsizing The Federal Government. Edwards argues for the privatization of several...

TAGS: Amtrak, Cato Institute, Chris Edwards, Downsizing The Federal Government, Free Market, Privatization, US Postal Service

Deficits Provide Opportunity to Weed Out Failing Programs

By Jennifer Moreale
Despite Gov. Jindal’s spending cut in late December, Jan Moller reports in the Times Picayune on a possible “mid-year budget deficit that could be as high as $400 million.” According to the state Department of Revenue, lower income and sales tax revenues are to blame. In February, the state collected $209 million but paid $230...

TAGS: Bobby Jindal, Cato Institute, Chris Edwards, Deficit, Free Market, Jan Moller, State Spending

New Smoking Bans Wrong Way to Protect Non-Smokers

By Jennifer Moreale
Sen. Rob Marionneaux has filed two bills that would expand the existing Louisiana smoking ban. Currently, smoking is prohibited in restaurants, schools, hospitals, public buildings, and doctors’ offices. As posted on the website of the Louisiana Legislature, Senate Bill 334 would ban smoking in any bars where food is served during business hours. In addition,...

TAGS: Free Market, Louisiana, Louisiana Legislature, Rob Marionneaux, SB 334, SB 348, Smoking Bans, Thomas Firey

Consumer Protection Can Lead to Moral Hazard

By Jennifer Moreale
Barack Obama proclaimed March 7th-March 13th to be the National Consumer Protection Week. Supporting the creation of an independent Consumer Financial Protection Agency, Obama said: “[…] our Government must do more to stand up for consumers. From excessive bank account overdraft fees to abusive mortgage lending practices, our broken financial system produces profits at the...

TAGS: Barack Obama, Cato Institute, Consumer Financial Protection Agency, FDIC, Free Market, George Selgin, John Tammy, Loyola Economics Club, Mark Calabria, National Consumer Protection Week, RealClearMarkets

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