States May Check Federal Government with Constitutional Amendments

By Fergus Hodgson
Louisiana’s Noble Ellington endorses Amendment seeking to “restore balance of state and federal power” NEW ORLEANS, La. – Heightened concern with a lack of federal accountability may lead to the first state-initiated constitutional convention since the original ratification. In their efforts to shift the balance of power, a variety of organizations are working to bypass...

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Louisiana’s Higher Education System Not Making the Grade

By Fergus Hodgson
A new report claims that more than one third of Louisiana’s higher education funds are wasted on non-graduating students. Harry Stille Ph. D., author of “Louisiana: Public Institutions,” believes loose admission standards contribute to an estimated $440 million annual waste – an “enormous cost for little results.”

TAGS: Board of Regents, Evergreen Freedom Foundation, Goldwater Institute, Harry Stille, Higher Education Research/Policy Center, National Center for Education Statistics, SUNO

Commentary: Report Blasts Administrative Bloat, Waste in Universities

By Jamison Beuerman
This week, scholars from the University of Arkansas’s Department of Education Reform released a report on the state of administrative waste in America’s public universities. Published in collaboration with the Goldwater Institute, the report blasts the current state of hiring trends in American universities. It demonstrates that school administrative positions are being added at an...

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State Senator Unveils Legislation Prohibiting National Health Care Mandates

By Robert Flanagan
Louisiana State Senator A.G. Crowe has authored legislation that seeks to “Prohibit state or local governmental coercion of any Louisiana employer, health care provider, or individual to compel participation in any health care system or health insurance plan.” The legislation spells out a number of findings that include: The U.S. Supreme Court in Printz v....

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