Teachers Unions Accused of Working to Restore the Status Quo

By Kevin Mooney
As an alternative to the “draconian Jindal approach” to education reform, the state’s teachers unions have offered up legislation that would revoke value-added teacher assessments, reinstate tenure and empower school boards over superintendents.

TAGS: Gov. Bobby Jindal, Louisiana Association of Business and Industry, Louisiana Association of Educators, Louisiana Federation of Teachers, Standardized tests, teachers

Debate Intensifies Over Alleged Profit Motive in Public Education

By Kevin Mooney
Are business interests plotting to take over the public education system and turn a profit at the expense of the public? That is the charge leading figures within the Coalition for Public Education have aimed against Gov. Bobby Jindal and the school board candidates who favor charter schools.

TAGS: BESE, Charter Schools, Coalition for Public Education, election, Gov. Bobby Jindal, Louisiana Association of Business and Industry, Recovery School District, school board, Teach for America

BESE Candidates Sharply Divided Over Letter Grade System Measuring School Performance

By Kevin Mooney
Letter grades that show a sizable percentage of Louisiana public schools are either failing or under-performing continue to generate controversy. A union-led coalition warns against Gov. Jindal's privatization agenda, while a business group says the unions fear transparency and accountability.

TAGS: BESE, Board of Elementary and Secondary Education, Coalition for Louisiana Public Education, Gov. Bobby Jindal, Louisiana Association of Business and Industry, New Orleans, Recovery School District

Charter School Movement Could Be Curtailed If Union BESE Candidates Prevail

By Kevin Mooney
Louisiana’s experiment with charter schools could be restrained and limited if the right mix of candidates running for the state’s top school board seats do not prevail in this year’s election, warn industry officials who are backing several newcomers and three incumbents.

TAGS: Board of Education and Elementary Secondary Education, Charter Schools, Gov. Bobby Jindal, Louisiana Association of Business and Industry, School choice

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