Commentary: Sen. David Vitter Tackles FDA Over Regulation of Breast Cancer Drug

By Jamison Beuerman
The recent judicial decision affirming Virginia’s meritorious lawsuit against Obamacare has highlighted one of the profound flaws of the administration’s health care plan. But a recent news story regarding Louisiana Senator David Vitter has been relatively under-reported, which is a shame, because it also illustrates the hazards of an overreaching bureaucracy. Senator Vitter has been...

TAGS: Avastin, Breast Cancer, David Vitter, FDA, Health Care, Health Insurance

Commentary: HB 1474 Would Help Protect Autonomy of States and Individuals

By Jamison Beuerman
As early as today the Louisiana Senate will be voting on Rep. Kirk Talbot’s HB 1474, which would protect our state against the unconstitutional government micromanagement of intrastate commerce and personal choice also known as the individual mandate for health insurance coverage. The timing of Rep. Talbot’s bill could not be better. As reported by...

TAGS: Cato Institute, HB1474, Health Insurance, individual mandate, Kirk Talbot, Michael Cannon, ObamaCare

A Reality Check On ObamaCare

By Jennifer Moreale
Would you like to read an excessively optimistic view on health care reform? Sen. Mary Landrieu’s op-ed highlights what she believes to be the greatest ObamaCare achievements, praising the full coverage of Louisiana’s children, young adults, and seniors. Claiming that “congress has finally delivered meaningful health care coverage to all Americans,” Sen. Landrieu argues that...

TAGS: Cato Institute, Congressional Budget Office, Health Care, Health Insurance, Mary Landrieu, Michael Cannon, ObamaCare

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