Commentary: HB 1474 Would Help Protect Autonomy of States and Individuals

By Jamison Beuerman
As early as today the Louisiana Senate will be voting on Rep. Kirk Talbot’s HB 1474, which would protect our state against the unconstitutional government micromanagement of intrastate commerce and personal choice also known as the individual mandate for health insurance coverage. The timing of Rep. Talbot’s bill could not be better. As reported by...

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Commentary: Weak Case for Individual Mandate Highlighted by HB1474 Hearing

By Jamison Beuerman
Last week at the State Capitol, Rep. Kirk Talbot’s HB1474 received a brief hearing in the Senate Health and Welfare Committee. While efforts to stall hearing the bill resulted in it being holed up in the back of the agenda, the truncated hearing it received brought to light several points which beg to be addressed....

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