More “Commentary: Blooming Nonsense” on Florist Licensing

By Jamison Beuerman
The Institute for Justice’s lawsuit against the Louisiana Horticultural Committee has begun to pick up steam in the media. New Orleans CityBusiness ran a cover story (subscription required) regarding the support of, and opposition to, IJ’s lawsuit. As evident in David Muller’s article, the arguments justifying this blatantly anti-competitive law are weak. In defense of...

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Commentary: Institute for Justice Stands Up for Louisiana Entrepreneurs

By Jamison Beuerman
Were you aware that Louisiana is the only state requiring florists to have a government-issued license in order to sell floral arrangements? Yes, anyone seeking to sell a floral arrangement (which has its own legal definition in this case) must undergo an arduous test preparation process, culminating in an exam in front of the Louisiana...

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