Why a National Teachers Union Wants to Turn Back the Clock in Jefferson Parish

By Ben Kilpatrick
Jefferson is overcoming these challenges because strong leaders have implemented sensible policies and put results ahead of pleasing special interests. As other districts look to Jefferson and realize that unions are hindering reform, the tide will turn against organizations like the American Federation of Teachers.

TAGS: collective bargaining agreements, Education Reform, James Meza, Jefferson Parish

Progress in the Parish: Why Jefferson Schools Should Reject Collective Bargaining

By Ben Kilpatrick
Like New Orleans, Jefferson’s reforms are now bearing fruit. And like New Orleans, Jefferson benefits from leadership that places students above special interests. Here are five reasons why approving a new CBA would stymie momentum and risk recent gains.

TAGS: CBA, collective bargaining agreements, Course Choice, Education Reform, Jefferson Federation of Teachers, Jefferson Parish, JPPSS, School choice, teachers union

Commentary: Traffic Cameras Not the Answer for New Orleans

By Jamison Beuerman
NPR reports on a public backlash in Arizona against the state’s use of highway traffic cameras, similar to the controversial cameras in New Orleans. This has resulted in Governor Jan Brewer announcing that she will not renew the state’s contract with Redflex, the Australian “photo enforcement” company hired to install and maintain the cameras. Meanwhile,...

TAGS: Jan Brewer, Jefferson Parish, New Orleans, NPR, Redflex, Traffic Cameras

Taxing Fun

By Trent Hill
Louisiana Representative Robert E. Billiot, a Democrat from District 83 in Jefferson Parish, recently withdrew his bill which was designed to imposed a 1-percent sales tax on televisions and video game equipment. That money would have gone toward building playgrounds and fighting childhood obesity. Here is another example of a legislator thinking that he knows...

TAGS: Democrat, Jefferson Parish, Parental Rights, Robert Billiot, Television and Gaming Tax

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