(BIG) Solutions (mini) Summit(s) Tax Reform Recap

By Daniel J. Erspamer
Louisiana’s tax code is a serious hindrance to job growth in our state. During the Pelican Institute’s recent “(BIG) Solutions (mini) Summit(s),” our expert keynote speakers and panelists offered  several proven solutions to simplify Louisiana’s burdensome tax code. If you missed the Summit(s), take a look at the videos below to learn how we can...

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N.C. tax reform: A model for Louisiana

By Editor
by Brian Balfour, senior vice president of research, John Locke Foundation If Louisiana wants to look for inspiration for tax reform, they could do no better than North Carolina. Aggressive, yet sensible, tax cuts paired with fiscal restraint is what made North Carolina “The national model for conservative tax reform,” according to Patrick Gleason, vice...

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Reading Between the Lines on Latest Jobs Report

by Eric Peterson, director of the Pelican Center for Technology and Innovation Policy At first glance, the December State Employment and Unemployment report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics appeared positive for Louisiana. However, a closer look at the numbers reveals there is still a long way to go in the state’s economic recovery. The...

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Last Jobs Report of the Year A Mixed Bag

by Eric Peterson, Director of Policy During the holiday season, Louisianans have more on their mind than the latest state economic reports. Yet as we enter the New Year, it’s important to understand where our state’s economy stands. Two reports, one from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and the other from the Bureau of...

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Governor Edwards Adds New Economic Restrictions, Pelican Statement

By Daniel J. Erspamer
Today, Gov. John Bel Edwards announced Louisiana is returning to Phase 2 of the state’s COVID-19 economic restrictions. In addition to ordering many bars across the state to close and sending most businesses back to 50 percent occupancy through the end of the year, Gov. Edwards also limited gatherings to 75 indoors and 150 outdoors. Additionally,...

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Latest Jobs Report Has Bad News for Louisiana

By Daniel J. Erspamer
This hasn’t been a year of positive news. Over the last few months, however, there have been some bright spots for Louisiana and the nation’s economies, as they have been steadily moving in the right direction. But, the latest jobs report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics has some sobering news for those who expected...

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Amendment 4 will Get Louisiana Working

By Daniel J. Erspamer
When facing difficult financial circumstances, Louisiana families take the steps they need to rein in their spending and plan responsibly for future expenses. This is not the case when it comes to how our state currently approaches budgeting. Fortunately, Louisianans Constitutional Amendment 4, is on the Nov. 3 ballot, is offering an opportunity for Louisianans...

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