Jindal’s Prison Privatization Proposal Must be Properly Structured, But Can Generate Savings, Spokesman Says

By Fergus Hodgson
Corrections System the Second-Fastest Growing Part of State Budgets By Kevin Mooney While some high profile state officials have expressed skepticism toward the idea of selling off state correctional facilities, a spokesman for Gov. Bobby Jindal says the proposal can be structured to alleviate costs and “right size” state government.

TAGS: Bobby Jindal, Department of Corrections, John Kennedy, Michael Dailey, Reason Foundation, Right On Crime

Commentary: Treasurer Kennedy Proposes Measures to Alleviate Louisiana’s Budget Crisis

By Jamison Beuerman
In the midst of Louisiana’s education budget crisis, it is understandable that frustrated citizens have taken to looking for scapegoats. Accordingly, it’s not surprising to see many bumper stickers decrying Governor Jindal’s perceived role as the chief culprit for the cuts which threaten the quality of our higher education system. While placing the burden of...

TAGS: Budget, Health Care, John Kennedy, Medicaid, Transparency

Questions Remain Over Approach to Eliminating Government Workers

By Fergus Hodgson
Unclear whether bill intended to reduce number of state employees will have significant impact Baton Rouge — It may not be surprising that state Senator Jack Donahue’s legislation to reduce Louisiana’s disproportionately large government work force was met with criticism. What is surprising is that much of this criticism comes from administrators that support its...

TAGS: department of administration, employment, jack donahue, John Kennedy, SB 293, waste

State Treasurer John Kennedy on Louisiana’s Budget

By Trent Hill
In a recent speech to the Houma Rotary Club, Louisiana State Treasurer John Kennedy has called for the state government to cut the fat out of the budget. In Kennedy’s opinion, the state government has more than enough money to cover the basic government services that are absolutely needed. “We have plenty of money to...

TAGS: Budget, John Kennedy, Rotary Club

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