Social worker sues state for opportunity to help kids in need

By Sarah Harbison
by Sarah Harbison, general counsel & director, Pelican Center for Justice Ursula Newell-Davis lives in New Orleans and cares deeply about the well-being of her community. Through her work as a social worker and as a mother to her own special needs son, Ursula has seen first-hand that children with disabilities and their families need...

TAGS: facility need review, Litigation, Pelican Center for Justice, regulation

You Shouldn’t Need a License to Speak

The very idea of needing a license to speak is shocking to most Americans. After all, most Americans know the First Amendment of the Constitution guarantees us the right to speak our minds. Yet despite this constitutional guarantee, there are state officials around the country claiming that in order to speak in some contexts, you...

TAGS: Litigation, Litigation Reform, occupational licensing

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