The Louisiana Teacher Union Paradox

By Editor
Teacher union challenges to real education reform continue to exist, though often in ways that are not measurable or reportable. If you dig deeper, the unions’ power and influence, particularly at the local school district level, remain strong in this state, challenging education reform efforts at every step of the electoral, legislative and policy implementation processes.

TAGS: BESE, Bobby Jindal, Charter Schools, Education Reform, Louisiana Association of Teachers, Louisiana Federation of Teachers, paycheck protection, School choice, teachers unions, tenure reform

Louisiana Voucher Applications Roll Forward Despite Union Lawsuits

By Kevin Mooney
Thousands of school voucher applicants who want to exit unsafe, ineffective public schools made history on Friday. That was the deadline for eligible families to apply for scholarship funds that can be used to cover the cost of private school tuition.

TAGS: Bobby Jindal, Charter Schools, Education, Education Reform, Friedman Foundation, Heritage Foundation, Louisiana Association of Educators, Louisiana Federation of Teachers, School choice, teachers unions, Vouchers

Teachers Unions Accused of Working to Restore the Status Quo

By Kevin Mooney
As an alternative to the “draconian Jindal approach” to education reform, the state’s teachers unions have offered up legislation that would revoke value-added teacher assessments, reinstate tenure and empower school boards over superintendents.

TAGS: Gov. Bobby Jindal, Louisiana Association of Business and Industry, Louisiana Association of Educators, Louisiana Federation of Teachers, Standardized tests, teachers

Value-Added Teacher Evaluation Divides BESE Candidates, Draws Union Opposition

By Kevin Mooney
Test scores that measure the progress students make each year will now be used as part of a new evaluation system that determines how effective teachers are in the classroom. But not everyone with a stake in the public education system is pleased with the change.

TAGS: Advisory Committee on Educator Evaluations (ACEE), BESE, Louisiana Association of Business and Industry, Louisiana Association of Educators, Louisiana Department of Education, Louisiana Federation of Teachers, teachers union, value-added teacher evaluation

Louisiana Lawmaker’s Push for Transparency in Collective Bargaining Gains National Currency

By Kevin Mooney
Rep. Tony Ligi made every effort to pass legislation that would allow for greater public scrutiny of collective bargaining agreements between union officials and government agencies. His efforts fell short this time around but they have attracted national attention and will be revisited in Louisiana.

TAGS: Bush Administration, collective bargaining, Elaine Chao, Labor Department, Louisiana Federation of Teachers, New Jersey, Ohio, Patrick Pizzella, public employee unions, Rep. Tony Ligi, vincent vernuccio, Wisconsin

Union Wages Drive Up Costs, Increase Tax Burden for Louisiana Residents

By Kevin Mooney
Public sector unions are boosting taxpayer costs in Louisiana just as they are in other states. The demonstrations in Wisconsin, New Jersey and Ohio relate back to a fundamental change in the composition of organized labor. For the first time in American history, more union workers are employed by the government than the private sector.

TAGS: Louisiana Federation of Teachers, public sector unions, Right to Work, teachers union,, Wisconsin

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