Pelican Senior Fellow Chris Jacobs Featured in Wall Street Journal: Medicaid Expansion has Louisianans Dropping Their Private Plans

The Pelican Institute’s Senior Fellow Chris Jacobs authored a column featured in the Wall Street Journal highlighting the misconceptions behind the “success” of Louisiana’s Medicaid expansion program.  While some leaders tout the expansion as a win for Louisiana, the facts show that it continues to cost Louisiana’s hard-working taxpayers jobs and opportunity. Jacobs says: “If...

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Missed Opportunities During Legislative Session Increases Importance of Fall 2019 Elections

With the 2019 regular legislative session coming to a close this week, the Pelican Institute wants to take some time to reflect on the victories achieved and opportunities missed by lawmakers. This was an abbreviated legislative session and that, combined with rapidly approaching fall elections, made chances for the possibility of enacting transformational policy reforms...

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While Louisiana is Sinking, Many Are Concerned with Re-arranging the Deck Chairs

It’s no secret to the people of Louisiana that things aren’t going well. The state has a shrinking labor force, an antiquated budget system, a struggling education system and a backlog of infrastructure projects that are in need of addressing. Given these issues, it’s no surprise that there is a sizable population that is leaving...

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Reforming Medicaid in Louisiana

By Editor
As the Louisiana legislature ponders ways to resolve the state’s “fiscal cliff,” policy-makers should remember the massive costs associated with the state’s embrace of Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion. Enrollment in this expansion to the able bodied (i.e., working-age adults without dependent children) has exploded, raising Medicaid expenses. Moreover, the expansion discourages work, and disadvantages the most...

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Doctors in the House: Cassidy and Fleming Call for “Price Transparency”

By Kevin Mooney
Republicans did not do enough to advance free market reforms within the health care system when they last controlled both houses of Congress, some of the medical doctors who now serve in the House have said. Rep. Fleming and Rep. Cassidy are both calling for reforms built around "price transparency."

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