Commentary: Governor Jindal and Mayor Landrieu Eliminate Government Vehicles, Save Taxpayers Money

By Jamison Beuerman
The past week has brought good news from both Governor Jindal and Mayor Landrieu regarding cutbacks in the number of employee take-home cars. As noted in a Times-Picayune editorial, when Governor Jindal took office, Louisiana’s fleet of employee cars was 10th largest in the nation. This is ludicrous, particularly when one considers the relative size...

TAGS: Bobby Jindal, Budget, Government Spending, Mitch Landrieu, Ray Nagin

Commentary: Financial Disclosure of Stacy Head Recall Reveals Symptoms of a Broken System

By Jamison Beuerman
The report in the Times-Picayune on the financial disclosure of last year’s futile effort to depose councilwoman Stacy Head accentuates the need for higher standards of accountability in our local political process. The list of donors raises questions about the fiscal conduct of churches and police officers, and shines light on the ramifications of the...

TAGS: Donald Berryhill, Ed Quatreveaux, Mitch Landrieu, NOPD, Ronal Serpas, Stacy Head

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