State of the Union for Energy

By Fergus Hodgson
Industry leader advocates expanded production and unveils latest research WASHINGTON, D.C. – Yesterday the American Petroleum Institute hosted its “The State of American Energy” speech, given by their president and CEO, Jack Gerard. On the eve of the 112th congress, more than 200 hundred guests heard Gerard’s call for increased access to known reserves and...

TAGS: American Petroleum Institute, Oceana, oil spill, The State of American Energy

Gulf Coast Claims Facility Set to Replace BP

By Fergus Hodgson
Feinberg and Landrieu hold town halls to explain new victims claims process On August 18th, approximately 500 individuals crowded the Pontchartrain Center in Kenner, Louisiana, to hear from Kenneth Feinberg and Mary Landrieu (D-La). The two speakers explained the new Gulf Coast Claims Facility, highlighted its independence, and assured the audience of their concern for...

TAGS: BP, compensation, gulf coast claims facility, kenneth feinberg, Mary Landrieu, oil spill

Voices For and Against

By Fergus Hodgson
Interview excerpts regarding the Gulf drilling moratorium In the process of covering the array of protests, town hall meetings, and study announcements surrounding the oil spill, I have had the opportunity to interview a diverse group of individuals. The primary point of concern has been the ongoing moratorium on deepwater drilling in the Gulf of...

TAGS: audio file, Economy, employment, interviews, Moratorium, oil spill, opponents

BP Halts Use of Dispersants

By Fergus Hodgson
Disputes remain over toxicity of Corexit; EPA approval process too long for alternative Since July 15th, BP has ceased all use of dispersants in the clean-up of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. Although not widely publicized, BP’s decision was made in conjunction with the Environmental Protection Agency and the Coast Guard and came after...

TAGS: BP, Corexit, dispersants, oil spill

New Study Demonstrates Severity of Moratorium Impact

By Fergus Hodgson
Author estimates economic after-effects could be worse than that of the oil spill On Monday in New Orleans, Dr. Joseph Mason of Louisiana State University presented a sobering assessment of the economic impact of a six-month drilling moratorium in the Gulf of Mexico. His report, commissioned by the American Energy Alliance (AEA), forecasts that over...

TAGS: Economy, employment, joseph mason, Moratorium, new study, oil spill, tax revenue

Feinberg Encounters Packed Town Halls with Frustration to Spare

By Fergus Hodgson
On July 15th, Kenneth Feinberg used three Louisiana town hall gatherings – in Houma, Port Sulphur, and Lafitte – to explain how the Gulf Coast Claims Facility (GCCF) will work. Animated and lively, with a little Bostonian humor, Feinberg held the attention of each overflowing crowd for approximately 30 minutes, followed by 20 minutes of questions from the audience.

TAGS: BP, compensation, feinberg, gulf coast claims facility, oil spill, town hall

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