Legislators Attack Jindal’s Plan to Privatize Prisons

By Robert Ross
Governor Jindal's plan to privatize three state prisons has received criticism from legislators who believe the move is shortsighted, while a study suggests that policies seeking to send more lawbreakers to prison is the cause of Louisiana's overcrowding problem.

TAGS: Adam Gelb, American Civil Liberties Union, Bobby Jindal, Forest Thigpen, Mississippi Center for Public Policy, Mississippi Department of Corrections, Page Cortez, Patrick Williams, Paul Rainwater, Pew Center on the States, Private Prisons

Commentary: Public School Administrators Gaming the System

By Jamison Beuerman
The Independent Weekly of Lafayette, LA produced an intriguing expose about one of the less scrupulous practices plaguing the public education sector. Entitled “The Revolving Door,” the article exposes how public school administrators, mainly in the Lafayette area, are exploiting retirement benefits intended for teachers. These retirement benefits are designed to be a financial incentive...

TAGS: Independent Weekly, Page Cortez, Retirement Benefits, TRSL

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