Commentary: Jindal Taking Right Approach to Affordable Care Act

By Kevin Kane
Supporters of the law argue that states should move quickly to create state insurance exchanges in order to ensure a higher level of state control, but this notion is an illusion. The law’s provisions would actually require Louisiana and its citizens to cede decision-making power to the federal government.

TAGS: Bobby Jindal, Budget, Health Care, Health Care Reform, Louisiana, ObamaCare, patient protection and affordable care act

Doctors in the House: Cassidy and Fleming Call for “Price Transparency”

By Kevin Mooney
Republicans did not do enough to advance free market reforms within the health care system when they last controlled both houses of Congress, some of the medical doctors who now serve in the House have said. Rep. Fleming and Rep. Cassidy are both calling for reforms built around "price transparency."

TAGS: Bill Cassidy, Health Care, John Fleming, Medicaid, medicaire, ObamaCare, patient protection and affordable care act, U.S. Supreme Court

ObamaCare Opponents Differ Sharply Over Strategy at ALEC Conference

By Kevin Mooney
A dispute over the merits and potential defects of health care exchange systems continued to rage last week at the American Legislative Exchange Council’s (ALEC) annual meeting in New Orleans as state officials expressed concern over ObamaCare’s Medicaid mandates.

TAGS: American Legislative Exchange Council, Cato Institute, health care exchanges, Heritage Foundation, Judge Roger Vinson, Medicaid, ObamaCare, patient protection and affordable care act

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