Taxpayers Cover 56 Percent of State Police Pension

By Kevin Mooney
Taxpayers are covering 56 percent of the pension plan contributions for Louisiana State Troopers. Moreover, a portion of the fee residents pay for their driver's license is also used to help fund the police retirement plan. At a time when rising liabilities threaten the stability of the entire state pension system, state troopers should not be excluded from policy changes, and NFIB official says.

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Key Lawmaker Calls for Across-the-Board Pension Reform

By Kevin Mooney
Rep. Kevin Pearson (R-Slidell) has proposed an across-the-board increase in pension contributions from state workers that would include police officers, judges and university professors. He credits Gov. Bobby Jindal for calling attention to the challenge of rising liabilities, but favors changes that are not limited to the "rank-and-file" workers.

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